week 6. say NO by default.



One of the best parts of what we do is getting to meet and talk to our customers, supporters, and like-minded people. As a result we get lots of inquiries, feedback, and recommendations from people genuinely interested in seeing us grow. Among all the positive feedback it seems like some questions/recommendations come up over and over so we figured we’d address them here.


You need to get Tier 1 on online retailers ASAP! Don’t you want to grow and make money?

Although we are small beans and most of them wouldn’t consider us anyway, we’re not currently looking at doing this. Why? Because we want to inject the uniqueness of how we think into what we sell. We want to be part of the product.

A lot of people say that with non-proprietary blends other companies can just copy your formulation. That’s true but they can’t copy the way you do business. We have a strong set of beliefs when it comes with dealing with customers and running our business, and no online retailer can convey that. We want to know who our customers are and talk to them. Not have some faceless middle man ship out our products. If it means we don’t grow to be some industry giant or push truckloads of product….then so be it.

This is what we believe at Citadel Nutrition:  It’s not just about the products we create. It’s also about everything else around the product. How we sell it, how we support it, how we explain it, and how we deliver it. 



Tier 1 is too simple. It’s not special enough. You should have added……

We’ve touched on this over and over but still get lots of comments about it. I think the reason we get so much feedback on this is that traditional industry dogma states you need to add more and more ingredients to produce some super mix. It seems like some people almost get off on saying they take some special ingredient no one else knows about. Everyone gets suckered into an arms race.

Here are some examples of what we’re talking about.


We aim to be simple because we are trying to solve a simple problem. Caffeine to wake you up. Great. Creatine and beta-alanine because they work. awesome. What’s next? We consciously said no to a cluster of ingredients because we wanted to keep our priorities straight.

As we’ve said over and over, we design our products to be simple because most supplements are too complex. So we aim to go in the opposite direction. If what we make isn’t right for everyone, that’s fine. We’re willing to lose some customers if it means others love and appreciate our products intensely. 

Here’s from some of the guys that like to keep it simple.


Say NO by default to the traditional dogma of what a sports nutrition company is supposed to do.


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5 comments on “week 6. say NO by default.

  1. Here’s a company with their priorities set straight!
    Keep things simple and effective, being personnal and interective with their customers, offer something of quality to the customers and overall just have a good time while doing it.

    A real wind of fresh air in the bullshit supplement industry! Keep it up, guys!

  2. John Otis in the flesh! Thank you for the good words of encouragement from one of our earliest supporters. It is much appreciated brother.


  3. I’ve never taken any supplements before as I always thought that the notion of having to supplement sounded far-fetched. After hearing about you guys on LiftingforLife (youtube channel) I decided to go ahead and give you guys a chance because of your main business practice; Keeping it Simple.
    No b.s. Just a quality product at a good price. I gotta say, you’ve made me a lifelong customer.