Week 11. Shipping.

Wow. What a ride so far. We’re slowly but surely growing our customer base. Got this awesome email from one our loyal customers this morning that made our day.



So onto the business.

One of the things that we didn’t fully comprehend early on is how much shipping and logistics impact a business’s bottom line. Right now we charge five dollars a tub shipping via Priority mail…and we typically take a loss on shipping. We’re working with UPS/FedEx/USPS  to negotiate lower rates based upon our current and future volume. We like Priority mail because it gets stuff to the West Coast in two days but we’d like to offer cheaper options or even free shipping eventually.

We’ve heard pretty often that one of the things holding back some customers from purchasing Tier 1 is that they like to purchase a bunch of supplements in a one stop shop and pay a flat shipping cost. Since we only have one product it gives them limited options. From one of our customers below:

 And another perspective:


We see three potential solutions:

1) Lower shipping costs. Do this in conjunction with bringing additional products to market and charge a flat rate for shipping. That way people could buy all their products at one time, pay a flat fee, and boom headshot. New products are in development but it’s taking us some time because we apply obsessive-compulsive rigor during product formulation/creation. We also debate factors such as practical benefit, quality, and economics endlessly. 

2) Stock at online retailers. We were not originally planning on doing this but we’ve put it on the table due to a strong response from our customers and those interested alike. We might run a poll later this week to get additional feedback. Below is from some of the reviews on Supplement Reviews of Tier 1 so far.


3. Brick and Mortar stores. The strategy for this is on the table as well. After talking to customers we’ve received lots of feedback that they’d like to see this. The challenge will be figuring out how to preserve the customer service aspect of CN but also scale and provide greater accessibility to our products. We’re seeing that convenience is a big part of the value proposition.


International Customers and Shipping

Right now our International shipping cost is $10.00. We’ve built a small but awesome group of International customers that really believe in what we’re doing and we’re very grateful. The shipping process could be more efficient however and we believe we could really expand our reach and get the word out there if there was broader access to our products internationally.

The same package shipped to Australia or Norway could take anywhere from one to three weeks. For this reason we are seriously considering finding retailers overseas to not only lower the cost of shipping but provide our customers a quicker turnaround. In the majority of cases there are no issues and our products arrive in 7-10 days but we’d really like to lower that shipping cost. In terms of turnaround time the case below particularly upset us:

That was our man Justice and his tub of Tier 1 took right over three weeks to arrive in Canada. Interestingly – another package we sent to Canada only took a week. In the next coming weeks a big focus of ours will be to see what options we have to take the variability out of turnaround times.


In the coming weeks we are going to:

  1. Work on lowering shipping costs
  2. Investigate the strategy of using online retailers for increased convenience for our customers.
  3. Discuss ideas that will make our products more accessible Internationally. Try to lower shipping costs and turnaround times.
  4. Investigate brick and mortar store strategy.

If you guys have any particular suggestions that you think might help please reach out to us!

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    • Crenshaw in the flesh! Thanks Florey. You’re the man. Thanks for the support since day one.

  1. Good work, If you need someone to try your protein, let me know.

    • Thanks Marc – will do. It’s been two steps forward one step back but we’re getting there.

  2. I hope y’all consider truenutrition.com if things pan out to the internet providers. My two cents…For what its worth.


  3. I’m all over Tier 1 wherever you guys head. This stuff is seriously amazing!! Love it. Pumped to see where things go in the next couple of years.

    • The LAW. Thank you for the good words and support. You’re directly referenced in this blog post lol.

  4. Hey guys.

    I am a college Senior studying Food Science and have been lifting for about three years. I’ve learned so much in school, on the internet and from my little experience. I’ve tried tons of different preworkouts and I CANNOT wait to give yours a try. I’ve been looking for a quality product without a proprietary blend for a long time. Campbell fitness did a review of your product and I hold his opinion very highly. Just wanted to say thank you for taking a stand and providing a great product.

    Also, if you are working on a protein supplement, I suggest looking into a blend of Casein and Whey. A lot of the research I have read has shown actual lean muscle gains supplementing a blend of these two proteins. somewhere between the 40/60 ratio of either protein. Their amino acid profiles are surprisingly similar as well. Just a thought. Good luck gentlemen and I’ll be following you all as you grow.